Electric backpack sprayers

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by donal, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. J Hisch

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    We make a few modifications to them we dont use the wheels, batteries are replaceablefrom batteries plus, but have not done that either, we put flat fan nozzles on them and some yards very small ones it's quicker to grab the back pack and treat. Yes very useful for spot spraying. We also use a more flexible hose. I suggest everyone try them.
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    Are you saying you put them on your back? I would definitely use the wheels to put it around. Saves the back.

    I will be rigging up some type of 2 wheel dolly to pull around my electric shurflo backpack this year. The water weight plus the battery weight is heavy on the back.
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    Hi Bill

    Yes, it has to be suitable to put on the back. I am spraying lawns on hilly land with terraced levels with many steps and very narrow paths. Unfortunately not practical to have the sprayer on wheels.
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    Clarkson/greg makes a spray unit that drops into the hopper of most popular b/c spreaders. Has anyone ever seen,used, or owned one? They look as though they could be a nice addition to a small buisness but the price seems a little high. I wouldn't want to drop 700 to 900 dollars on something that ends up being a bust.
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    I looked into one of those and they are high priced for what you get. I would say way overpriced.

    Someone on this site said they have one and it is hard to push with the weight of the water on bumpy yards. I will stick with my backpacks for now.
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    I've had 15 shurflos seems like every year something goes wrong with them. Use em and throw them. I keep buying them for some reason, must be good...
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    We use shurflos as well. Bought a 4 of them 2 years ago. One of them constantly pumps, must have a leak. Bought 2 more a year ago. We switched to metal wands. Had to replace most of the batteries, got them from a car parts store. I will keep using them till I find something better. They sure beat hand cans or pump backpacks.
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    "the constant clench/ relax motion on the gun trigger is causing all the tennis elbow. "

    You need a better spray wand and valve. (Or maybe just grease the one you already have.) Or maybe you need a curved spray wand that allows a more natural hand position. If you switch to electric...put it in your fert spreader...you don't have to carry it. You need to extend the hose an extra foot or two or maybe a meter of extra hose length.

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