electric backpack sprayers


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I was surfing the Lawn & Landscape Magazine site and they've got info on rechargeable, electric (no need to pump, automatic pressure calibration) backpack sprayers. They're made by Eagle-1 Mfg. I use a Shindaiwa backpack sprayer but I'm looking to get something better. The Shindaiwa's pressure is not all that consistent and I get tired pretty quick having to pump it up all the time. Also, spillage down my back and shoulders is annoying and not the healthiest thing in the world. What backpacks do you guys use? Have you heard of the electric type? Yes, I could go to a tank in one of our trucks but I prefer spot-treating weeds to blanket spraying. Aside from broadleaf weed control, all our other applications are granular.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>


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My techs prefer Solo back packs with the diaphram pump for wettable powders. They like to control their pressure with the hand pump for spot treating in beds etc. Have you tried Perma Greens little squirt bottle sprayer? It will cover 500 sq ft of and goes a long way when you are just touching up. Neal


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On the Toilet

I used Solo for 2 tears
They leak through the threads , pesticides down myback.
Got old .
Picked up 2 Shurflo ele .
Very nice

I've also bought 3 -SP type sprayers
I trashed my solos
There are junk
SP makes a lot of different ones .
180 psi
Amazing pressure .

Rid yourself of the Solos and get some SP-3 's

Do a search for SP sprayers.
You'll love them

I'll check out the one you mentioned