Electric Clutch bit the dust today

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CMLLawnServices, Jun 1, 2003.

  1. i was catchin up from all the rain today and my mower started makin a sound like i had something under the deck and it was trying to mulch it , so i stopped, shut the mower down took a look under and there was nothing there , then i thought , Oh no it can`t be the clutch , so i started it back up and engaged the blades drove real slow for about 50 feet and then the mower stopped , i thought yep its the clutch , so i felt the casing and it was red hot . at this point i`m thinkin @#%^&()_@ anyway i finnished the jobs i had to do with the back up mower and took the clutch off when i got home and this is what it looked like.
    i`m gonna try to get one right away tomorrow because i`m already behind.

  2. second pic, the bearing is half gone!!!:angry: :angry:

  3. Green Pastures

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    How many hours are on that clutch?
  4. ducky1

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    Seen that before myself. When you put the new clutch on do your self a favor and use some anti seize on the shaft so it will come off easier next time.
  5. Albemarle Lawn

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    About $200 USD, fast shipping, your dealer will be about $400USD.

  6. TLS

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    How many hours?

    What mower is it on?

    Size deck/hp?


    What is the model of clutch? Is it a 200 ?

    Looks to me like the bearing went, not the clutch. Belt tension would play a part in bearing life.
  7. Tharrell

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    I had to go out thursday and pickup a Ferris that died. The bearing went first and the heat buildup fried the rest of the clutch. It looked the same way.
  8. I tried that on a clutch that went on a tapered shaft.
    It never did seat properly.
    It wore out the keyway in the shaft and ruined the end of the shaft.
    I must have used way too much.:(


    Check the switch controlling the clutch. I've replaced several clutches due to a faulty switch. The switch would still come "on" but a poor contact would give low voltage. The low voltage would make the coil heat up and fry the clutch.
    I know yours has the bearing out of it. But bearings don't like heat either.

  9. It was an "99 Ariens Ztr ( same as the gravely promasters) it has an 18 hp vangaurd with a 48" deck, i couldn`t tell u how many hours. Thanks every body for your suggestions and i will keep them in mind, i`m gonna try to get one RUSH today , from the dealer , it will come down to who can get it to me faster, the price won`t matter much at this point, i just want to get the machine back up and running
  10. TLS

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    Check that belt tension.

    And thanks for answering some of my questions. I'm here to help you.

    Is it a vertical or horizontal shaft engine?

    What keeps tension on the PTO belt? Spring or manual tension rod?

    The voltage issue is a good one. As volts drop, amps increase and can really be hard on a sensitive clutch like this.

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