Electric curbing machines.. opinions?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by mindstream, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. mindstream

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    Hello alll,

    I am looking to do concrete curbing around a driveway and a few other spots, but don't really want to fork out $4000 or more for a Lil' Bubba or anything. Has anyone ever used one of the Electric curb machines available on ebay? Any reason it wouldn't do the job?


    If it get the job done and survives for maybe 3 yards (house yards.. not yards of concrete) worth of curbing, it's paid for itself, and worst case, I can drag the generator out near the work area. It is also available at Harbour Freight, and looks like the same machine:


    There is also a gas version for about $400 more:


    Any thoughts or opinions on these things would be appreciated. We want to do some flower bed edges, as well as edge borders for a rock drive to keep the rocks out of the yard for about 3 houses.


  2. Smokey03

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    It's not just the machine you need. You will also need a sod remover,mixer and misc. hand tools. I have a complete set up including trailor that I am trying to sell for about what you can buy a good machine for.Let me know if your interested.
  3. Majesticman

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    There ya go. When I am looking for something it is always hard to find. :)
  4. General Landscaping

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    It'll give you a taste of the biz. That's about as far as I would plan on using it though.
    If you like the work, there is no shortage of used complete setups if you are willing to drive a bit.
    ONE advantage to electric.... no vibration. If you leave a gas unit running without keeping it moving, it will make funny spots in the curb. Other than that, I'm happy with gas.

    Beware of buying a used Kwik Kerb..... add $500 to the cost for "training" if you ever want to buy parts or accesories.
    On that note..... I'm looking for some extra trowels for slant and mower edge. Willing to purchase outright or trade for your choice of stamp.

    BTW.... LilBubba has the best machine IMHO.
  5. Littletruck

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    I have one a those HF machines, I got the electric one. I haven't used it yet, I just got it on a whim for my own yard. If it turns out good I may add it to the list of little truck features. I am also looking for trowels if anyone has any, I may have to make em.

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