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Electric Deck Lift Question


LawnSite Silver Member
Bolivar, MO
I posted some time back about the new 2010 Gravely Pro Turn 200 mower. My dealer got one in, so I went and looked at it, along with the new 260XDZ's. I rather like the design of the new mower, especially it being slightly lower, and having an offset caster wheel on the left side, which allows for easier trimming.

In my previous post, I mentioned they weren't offereing this mower with a power lift, but one member told me that you can put an electric lift kit on this mower. Does anyone know how these work? My dealer could find absolutely no information on them, other than the order number. I am curious whether or not they utilize the existing adjustments of the manual foot lift, so you can drop it back down to a set height each time, or whether it just stops and holds the deck wherever it is when you release the switch. I know some mowers are made that way, and I don't care for it. I like a power lift, but want to be able to drop back to a preset height without having to stop and look at an indicator to get the height right.