Electric for Residential Use: Hustler, Mean Green

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Eastcoaster, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Eastcoaster

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    I have read everything that I can on the Hustler Zeon. Still, it is a little bit of overkill for my 1/2 acre lot. Would like to reduce mowing time and/or mow more often due to a varied work schedule.

    Currently using a older Lawn Boy Gold Series 21" with a cast deck.
    Was looking toward something like the Billy Goat Homepro walk behind until the idea of electric and almost zero upkeep came to mind.

    OK. Main question being.....Through a Google search, I stumbled across Mean Green Mowers. The WBX-33 walk behind would be just what I need.

    Anyone have any experience with them? They are bling $$. Search function on here of no help with Mean Green.

  2. Eastcoaster

    Eastcoaster LawnSite Member
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    Wow. A buncha looks. No advice. Or, anyone even mentioning of hearing/knowing about Mean Green.
    Residential question, I know. Electric hasn't progressed to the point of Pros even looking at it. (although I do see it for all of you guys in the future once perfected.... Run time, economical battery swap out, weight reduction, etc, etc.....)
    But for me... a viable option.

    Anyone? Anything?
  3. Eastcoaster

    Eastcoaster LawnSite Member
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    Any help appreciated.
  4. Ridin' Green

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    You should post this in the homeowners forum at the bottom of the list of forums on the main page. You'll likely get more replies. You aren't getting any here because electric mowers aren't practical for commercial mowers, and won't be for a very long time.
  5. Valk

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    For a surgical cut you need power and torque so your turf will heal quickly. If the grass is tall and/or thick, I'll highly question how well an electric motor can cope. I'm no expert, but the lil residential electric mowers I've seen run thin little blades that will dull up quickly leading to tearing and brown tips. No substitution for power when you need it.
  6. Eastcoaster

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    @ Ridin' Green: Thanks for the tip. Looks like a Mod did it for me.

    @ Valk: A couple of the Hustler Zeon threads mentioned that the Pros were inpressed with it. Just that the charge doesn't have the longevity for mowing 4 - 8 yards per day. Hence it's limitations for commercial use. BUT, that the cut, torque, overall power, etc. were great.

    I just don't really need a 42" zero turn.

    So, when I stumbled across the Mean Green 33" walk behind.... peaked my interest.

    Just can't seem to find anything else out about Mean Green other than that they had a cameo on Dancing with the Stars.... Seems like a serious company, serious about their product though. Just concerns me that I can't find out much about them.
  7. Ridin' Green

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    Male, from Michigan
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    If you've really been searching, but still aren't finding much, I'd pass. There's a reason for it. Usually that either means that they are still way too new for folks to have any/enough experience with them, and/or maybe the company isn't that reliable for customer support. They may not even be around to lend support in 2-3 years, and then you're screwed and not in a good way.
  8. Eastcoaster

    Eastcoaster LawnSite Member
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    Great advice. Much appreciated. Hate to drop that kind of dough on something that might not be backed with support down the road.
  9. stonny9

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    I have researched/browsed electric forums for a lot of hours just because it interest me. The hustler is limited because the dont use any type of Li-Ion battery most likely as a cost saving measure. They do have a good warranty time frame at 3yr residential/1yr commercial. They dont sell well because it is to much money for the average residential consumer, not long enough mow time for commercial, and very few dealers sell/work on them.

    I found this nice write-up on zeon battery maintenance.

    I actually have an automated craigslist search for a zeon hoping someone wants to sell it cheap because the batteries are bad and a shop told them $1000(jsut a number I made up) to replace them. If my motor ever blows on my zero turn I am converting it to electric via replacing the ICE with an electric motor.

    Mean Green seems to be pushing for commercial as they have swap-able lithium ion packs on their big zero turn.

    This is another small rider.

    the Ariens AMP Rider (34"). Although they dont seem to have it listed on their site anymore and a quick search only showed Amazon at $2,999. Just for reference they do have a battery powered snow blower.

    There are also numerous 19-21" battery push/self propelled mowers at the big hardware stores. If you are handy then usually people sell or throw them away when they stop working which is usually just a fuse or bad batteries. One forum I was reading yesterday a guy happened to find 3 push mowers for free with bad batteries and one with a blow fuse in charger.

    If you do get one and batteries need replacing out of warranty it is fairly simple and usually taking out the batteries is fairly simple then you just find a comparable battery that fits. Amp hr can vary it will just effect your run time.
  10. Eastcoaster

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    I was hoping to stumble across the same thing. (used Zeon per possible frustration from the orig. owner)
    I have a Hustler dealer w/in a mile of my home. (Power Pro in New Holland, PA) I was hoping that the price would drop even more on the new Zeons (even though Hustler dropped the price a little bit initially) to get them to catch on and/or just plain move more units.
    If Hustler followed through on the walk behind idea, I'd be on that as well.
    My parents (in their 70s) live just 8 houses up the street from my home. My Dad could use a rider even though he has a smaller/tighter yard. So, I was hoping to split the expense with him and store it at his place.
    I LOVE the idea of no belts, plugs, oil, filters.... Keep the blades sharp and that's it! Always ways to deal with the battery situation over time.
    Thanks for the write up and links.

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