electric hose reel ran off a battery???????

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawnrich, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. lawnrich

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    Any ideas on how to hook a Lesco Skid sprayer to a battery instead of it being hardwired to a pick up? I have seen other guys do but I can't figure out how. We would like to hook it up to a trailer.
    We have a a deep cell battery

  2. carcrz

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    How would you keep it charged? I have mine w/ a 7-way trailer plug on it so that I can just plug it in the plug on the back of the truck. I wired it onto the hot + wire inside the plug.
  3. mkroher

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    uh....put one wire on one end... the other wire on the other end?
  4. tremor

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    It's wired the same way as if the truck's battery was used. It won't have as much "oomph" but it will work. If you wire it backwards the reel will run backwards - just reverse it.
  5. ant

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    i know you don"t wont to but wireing from the truck battery is easy.go to lesco and look at there wire kit for reels and go from there.
  6. MarcSmith

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    I have a 200 gal skid with a marine battery box and the battering sits in the box and wired to the reel.

    Yeah no charging, but a few days before I plan on using it I'll put a charger on it and have no problems...
  7. bug-guy

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    i have seen one guy put a solar charge on a spray pump cost 50.00
  8. RigglePLC

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    Attach a fat heavy duty wire from the battery positive terminal (hot wire) to the fat terminal on the right side of the reel relay. (If it spins without pushing button--use the opposite terminal).

    Attach the other side (negative) with a fat wire to the reel, thereby establishing a ground.

    One wire from the motor goes to the left (switched) side of the starter relay. The other wire from the motor is the ground side. It will already be bolted to the reel frame. But it is better to also attach the ground wire from the battery direct to the ground wire coming out of the motor.

    No changes needed. One wire from the button attaches to the hot wire terminal. The second wire from the button attaches to the skinny terminal in the center of the relay.
  9. boats47

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    I use a bat for our 300 gal split with problems, throw it on a charger at night you will be fine. Easiest way is to plug it into the trailer hitch.

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