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Electric PTO vs. Manual Engauge


LawnSite Member
hello i am new to the commercial mower designs and i am wondering a little about the different blade engaugement setups in a different thread about the bob cat walk behinds they offer the electric pto style and most of the other walk behinds had the manual. please if you can give me some of the good points and bad points on these two differant designs Thanks DS

David Gretzmier

LawnSite Gold Member
manuals tend to last a long time, and kill the engine when you let go of the mower or get off of the ztr. they tend to wear out belts quicker. belts also come off more often.

electric's tend to diengage the blades when you let go or get off, and wear out anywhere from 500 -750 hours.

the electrics last alot longer if you engage them at 1/2 throttle.


LawnSite Fanatic
The trend in commercial mowing is definitely toward electric pto. I'm not saying manual isn't as good but they are pretty much being phased out. Most major manufacturers only offer electric. Dixie was or is a big hold out in this area but I think they are offering electric now. If you run doubles I guess its a plus to have a manual PTO.