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Electric Spreaders

Eric ELM

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Chicago, IL USA
I plan to get a 12 volt electric fertilizer spreader for my Dixie Choppers. Has anyone used them on your ZTR's and what do you like or dislike about your brand. I'm also planning to use if for ice control, so non corrosive parts are a must. The one that I have checked into and like so far is the JRCO, because I can control the width as narrow as 5 feet for spreading ice control on driveways. Anybody have one?<p>----------<br>Eric@ELM<br>http://pages.prodigy.net/eric.erickson/index.html
Hey Eric well I have not personal used one on my machines but a company by me loves them to no end. He uses them all year long for walkways and lawns. He told me nothing beats it. All I know is he has one for every ztr he owns that count at 12. He also uses them on his atv in winter time for salting walk ways and shopping centers. They use JRCO some are 3 years old or so and still look new and have had lottts of use. Thinking of trying one this season for my rider.


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Dude , Am using a earthway stainless M-40? Sucessfully on lazer z . Variable speed so i can adjust but mostly it is just on and off and awsome speed of application . No kidding . We made a small bracket and bolted unit to. put 2 receivers (1 1/2 " i think) on front weight bar and plug and play in minutes. Using bluebird bagger on lazer z. Detaches on any site in 1 min. Reattaches also same . Made 3 legs and attached 3 receivers on rear underside bracket to make this possible .Earthway M-40 is 5-6-7-800.00depending on where you order .


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N.E. Ohio
Wow! This old thread got dug up?

Well, since it did.....I was looking at the JRCO line, but does anyone know if they will fit on a w/b with the JRCO universal mount bar?