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    my mower has a kawasaki FC420V 14 HP motor. i was wondering what it would take to make it electric start. I can get the started for this specific model engine for a good price and i already have a battery from my leaf loader. is there anything involved that im missing? thanks for the replies in advance

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    Well you will need a flywheel with ring gear or add on to existing flywheel if possible;a stator if not already equipped;voltage regulator;battery; solenoid;key switch and basic knowledge to wire the starting system.
  3. DT Lawn Care

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    It costs a lot to do it and you have to rip the whole guy apart. Even if you have the starter and battery, you need all of the things that Fixdiss listed. The main deal is the flywheel, it needs to have the teeth for the starter gear, and a pull start engine will almost for surely not have that. So you will probably need a whole new flywheel.

    Best thing to do would be to find another engine. I just repowered my Gravely 36" with a 420V. I bought a old new stock engine from a private seller for $200, muffler included in sale. I had been waiting a long time for it. It was a pull start though, which is fine with me. It will probably take you awhile to find a 420V with an electric start, they aren't very common.

    You may want to consider buying say a Crapsman riding mower that has a bad tranny but has the 15.5 hp Kohler Command that runs great. You would need to install a new muffler, but other than that you just need to wire it in to your mower.

    Good Luck

    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    thanks for the help guys
  5. ed2hess

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    Might just consider getting your engine fixed if it is starting hard. Get a leak down test performed.
  6. tryingtomakeit

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    If your motor does have the ring gear, you could install the starter and use jumper cables from your truck to the starter/block. Touch the solenoid wire to the cable after you've clamped onto a ground and the starter lug.

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    it starts on the first pull. i just saw the started in a parts catalog and it wasnt that expensive so i was wondering how much the whole set up would cost but it seems lik its not worth it
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    No need for the charging system itself. All you have to do is use a set of jumper cables and a solenoid and wiring or the battery put on charge when not in use. Gravelys for many years had electric starts and you just charged them when needed. And depending on use, a 5 watt solar panel can keep one charged or a 3 amp charger.

    Flywheel would need modification or changed as most do not come with the ring gear on a manual start engine.
  9. ranger350

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    depending on what the engine is on, it may already have a stator
  10. topsites

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    Yes I realize yours is a Kawasaki.

    But a lot of the Kohler engines that are recoil are also setup for ES, the way it works
    they build them all the same way (which is ES) and then for recoil they add more parts...
    Which is why the recoils are more expensive, but most recoil Kohlers can get hooked to a starter easy.

    The problem is two-fold:
    One, you need a location for a battery and you'll have to mount a tray for it.
    If you don't have such a tray you will have to buy one, I think they run 10-15 bucks.
    Then you need two big bad wires leading to-from the battery to the starter, $5-10.

    Last but not least you either...
    Need a new ignition switch with a 'start' position (and having to rewire THAT!)
    Or you can get a push-button do-hickey but it has to be weather-proof and
    the only place I know of that carries them is NAPA (and they're like $20!).

    So you're looking at about $100 in extra parts, thou I think that's with the battery.
    Then the wiring has to be done right, so that it charges.

    It's a lot of trouble to go through.

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