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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by hackitdown, Sep 3, 2019.

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    One day it will be an option to ponder. When that day will be is yet to be seen.
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    Ok, now you're delusional. First of all, Musk doesnt' smoke pot, he did it once for Joe Rogen, on the show, i listened to it, was a very interesting pod cast. Apparently your news sources have convinced you otherwise? Yes nasa gave him flack for tokin on the show, i personally think he should be able to do whatever he wants, pot is legal in the state he was in anyway.

    Also, for the record, time to get with the times. Pot is no more harmful than say, nicotine, tabacco, caffeine, and certainly much less harmful than alcohol. It won't be long before it's legal on a federal level. My state just legalized it and it start in January, i believe your state did the same thing. Anybody who bashed a person who smoked pot leisurely on a talk show must be digging for something. It's not like he's an alcoholic, but he did also drink some scotch on the show, why did you not mention the fact that he drank scotch but you did mention that he had a toke? Bueller?
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    let's stick to the discussion please...thanks
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    This discussion is electric trucks, specifically Telsa, the owner is Elan Musk. We are now talking about the owner. Why is this a problem?
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    you went off on a mini tangent so I posted a reminder to stay on topic...not a big deal and you don't need to get so defensive so again, let's try to stay on topic

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    getting materials for batteries or petroleum is messy, no way around it. How many miles can you drive on a battery? How many miles on a gallon of petroleum based fuel?

    What happens when a battery is used up? What happens when a gallon of fuel is used up?

    I am not going to argue that the tech is where it needs to be to meet our demands, because it's not even close, but are there other ways to produce electricity besides coal or other fossil fuels? what are the other ways of getting petro? which has more environmentally safe ways vs. the other?

    are our petroleum resources finite? How many more drivers are being added in countries like India and Asia each year? What impact will that have on supply, air, or water?

    which motor is more efficient at moving things, electric or petroleum powered? which fuel source has more nrg loss when using, petro or electricity?

    But you're right, "we" won't gain financially.

    Whichever way it goes, "we" are not going to save because the people with the money make the rules and they're going to control it. There is no free market, never has been. There may be some short term gain to being ahead of the curve for a while, but in the end, society still pays for itself.

    Most of the summer, my friend who's a research MD at the University of IA hospitals charges his EV car from his own solar array and drives to work. at least in summer his family of 4 produces more energy than they use.

    and you're right, what's to gain? Lobbyists in IA are trying to get laws passed that hit the people that have invested their own money to produce energy, they want to hit them again with a fee for having solar power. It's comical actually. His best month he produced 236% of the energy they used. he had to pay for upgrades to put extra back into the grid so his electric company could then re-sell. Which he did, out of his own pocket in addition to the initial equipment investment. You know how much he "made" that month? 23 cents LOL

    How much did the power company make selling that electricity to someone else? How much investment did they have to sell what he produced? zero, above what he and the rest of us have already paid for. His investment and money not only saved strain on their equipment in the highest usage months, they got to sell a zero cost product to them for their usual amounts for full profit. So you're right, we won't gain. they'll still get their money.

    He doesn't save money, because it's so expensive to start with, but he's investing in it so the tech can move forward because it has to. With countries like India and China just starting to reach its population with petro burning vehicles and millions and millions of people just beginning to have access to the stuff we've been using for a hundred years already, do you think that is going to be better or worse for supply issues? or air quality issues?

    There is a lot to gain if the tech moves forward even if it doesn't mean your energy is free.
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    I think the Tesla "vision" is to have Tesla solar roof tiles creating electricity and storing it in Tesla solar battery Powerwalls in your garage or basement. The Tesla car is recharged from the roof or the Powerwall batteries.

    We know that the cost to fuel an all electric car from the grid is significantly lower than a gasoline car, and the electrics are more powerful. The MPGe rating allows you to compare costs. As an example, a Leaf gets 112 MPGe, a Tesla 3 gets 116. Compare to 35MPG for a compact car or 25 MPG for a midsize 6 cyl car.

    Tesla Model S cars have been out for 7 years now. Nissan Leafs have been out for 9 years, so there are some out there with high miles on them. I heard the early Leaf batteries degraded badly over time. I have not heard much about Teslas, but there are claims that they are holding up well into high miles. Toyota hybrid batteries are also holding up well. All these batteries have long warranties.

    We have no idea what the true cost of an electric F150 or a Tesla pickup will be yet. Not purchase price, fuel-efficiency, maintenance, or resale value. They sound promising to me. But I am not an 'early adopter", I want to see real world data before I jump in.

    I am keeping my options open.
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    Elon Musk says their base model truck will seat 6, be 4 wheel drive, and will be under $50,000. The torque of electric vehicles blow gas/diesel out of the water.

    When pulling a large load the Tesla Model X (their suv) MPG equivalent goes down quickly. A 300 mile range truck could literally drop to 70 miles range with a good sized load. I am interested to see how Tesla and other companies address this. Personally I only drive 10-30 miles per day with a 2000 pound trailer so it wouldn't be an issue. Someone pulling 6000+ pounds all day with a 80 mile route could run into some range issues. Charging up every night isn't a big deal, but having to charge in the middle of the day would not be ideal.

    Down the road when mowers, trimmers, etc are all electric it will be nice to have the option of charging them off of the batteries in your truck. There will be connections to do so which hasn't been too realistic with our current gas trucks. We will see some neat things in the battery powered world in the next few years.
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    Got any numbers to back that up?
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    THe tesla p100d puts down nearly 1000lbs of torque. The torque on the tesla electric vehicles is hand over fist when comparing to anything in the same category. I would imagine their truck will be the same, even vs diesel they're going to be right up there.

    a honda civic puts down 180 ft lbs of torque. a basic model s tesla puts down 400 ft lbs of torque.
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