Electrical connection on Front of Bobcat Skids

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by waltero, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. waltero

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    I just got the BL570 home last night and I really haven't had time to play with it yet, but I have some jobs coming up that I would like to take advantage of some the attachments that can be run from the front with hydraulics.

    It states that I can run the Bobcat soil conditioner, which I assume is the same as a Harley in design. I have the hydraulics in the front but I know that I don't have any electrical connectors. I will call Bobcat, but I was wondering what that electrical connector is for? Also, if I do need it I would assume that it wouldn't be too difficult to install. I am coming from a Kubota Tractor so the skid stuff is new to me.

    As far as the unit goes, I didn't get a chance to really put it to use but it does seem very powerful. It probably isn't as quick as a skid could be, and it won't work as fast as an excavator would with the 360 rotation. I am very impressed with the size of the backhoe, it is huge for the size of machine. The front loader is also very nice, self leveling and a ROC of 3400lbs. It is a nice machine and with all the features and power this has I can accept that it doesn't replace a skid/mini-ex combo, but it comes very close and I won't be wanting for more power.

    Thanks for any info on this power up front, I know it is common with skids.
  2. JB1

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    for the harley rake the electrical would be for the power angling for it, electrical over hydraulics.
  3. dogsluvtrux

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    The 7-pin connection is to switch solenoids in the attachment to control hydraulic flow. Like JB1 said, electric over hydraulic. If the couplers are the same, look at a 72" manual soil conditioner, you would angle it manually by pulling a pin, no electrical connection needed.
  4. waltero

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    Does anyone have the schematics of the attachments that would go with the 7 pin. I know that the three heavier wires are a ground, constant power on, and a switched power on. The other four wires are the control wires and I need to know exactly what and how it controls so that I can hook up some switches. I have the schematic of the machine side but because I don't own any attachments yet, so I have no way to even test without renting something and troubleshooting it.

    As an example I need to know what wire would control left to right movement and I assume that the other two wires would do something with the tilting as with a dozer blade. Thanks for any info that you may have.

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