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    I have ran a 6 ga wire from my truck battery to my hose reel on the trailer(quick connect at tongue). I use a deep cycle battery to power bilge pump to transfer water from nurse tank to main spray tank. Could I just connect the alligator clips from the transfer pump to the positive and neg. on the solenoid of the hose reel. Both 6 gu. and bilge have a fuse. Then I could get rid of my deep cycle battery. I am not an electrician and dont want to screw up my hose reel motor. I would not be reeling up and transferring water at the same time.
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    should work fine, but alligator clips are typically a very small wire
    like 18-20ga(may over heat or melt). i would just get some zipwire and hard wire it to the
    solenoid constant hot post. reccomend 12ga. a fuse is a good idea,
    although as long as you have a fuse in your main 6 ga. pwr line close
    to where it originates- you should be fine.

    hows that bilge pump work out and how big is it?
    im thinking of adding something like that to my nurse tank in my trailer
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    Varmit, JB is right. However, you mention the positive and negative on the solenoid. Actually, there should be three wires on the solenoid. The main "hot" wire, 6 guage from the battery (juice in). The smaller wire that comes from the push button switch. And the heavy guage "switched" hot wire (which becomes hot when the solenoid is activated)(juice out). So connect one wire from the pump to the main "hot" 6 guage wire. Connect the second to a good clean ground, (probably a ground wire coming from the truck). Put a switch in one of the wires going to the pump to allow you to turn it on and off.
    Would that bilge pump work as an agitation system for a spray tank?

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    I have two bilge pumps one is 1150 gph and the other is 1250 gph. I would say it take's 8 minutes tops to transfer 200 gallons of water. I use 1 1/8" I.D. bilge hose from Homo-Depot and it all wraps up and fits in a small tool box. The hose was $1.20 a foot and all ya need is 8 foot. I used to only run one pump but two made it twice as fast. I bought the pumps off ebay for less than $20.00 each. They have lasted 3 season's so far. I can measure and pour in chemicals in the time it takes to transfer the water. Its really fast, sometimes too fast. I am connecting to the solenoid before the switch. I could go a month before charging my battery using the bilge pumps, never went dead just try'd to maintain them monthly. I want to get away from the battery on the truck, Fert. and a battery probably dont mix. I always thought if I hit a big enough chug-hole if the battery would break loose and tip over causing a big problem. I do carry a fire extinguisher on the truck just in case.
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    Maybe put some kind of plug ends on a pigtail on the sprayer reel and the pump. Then put a female end on the wire coming from your truck battery and ground. Then all you have to do is plug in what you want to use. No clips to pop off or touch each other when hot....

    Please be sure you have that 6ga line running from your truck battery FUSED under the hood close to the battery. God forbid if that wire were to ground out and not be fused... (seen it happen, NOT pretty!)

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    Fused 6" from the battery.

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