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    Serving Raleigh,Cary,Garner,Clayton,Benson, Dunn & Smithfield,NC.
    From Soft Washing,Pressure washing and non pressure roof cleaning we can handle all your exterior cleaning needs.

    When someone uses the term, “Soft Wash” when it comes to the exterior maintenance of your home, what are they saying? For many years the only way to clean the exterior surfaces was to use a garden hose with little result or use a pressure washer. With so many people running around pressure washing. There has been a lot of damage to many different surfaces. The pressure coming from the tip of a pressure washer varies from machine to machine and the tips used at the end of the wand determine some of that. Siding of all types and roofs are some of the surfaces that do not need pressure washing.

    Wood decks for instance do need the use of a pressure washer but it takes a seasoned pro to know what cleaner, pressure and tips to use to keep from damaging the wood. Bleach should not be used to clean a non painted deck.

    In the Raleigh area Elephant Roof & Exterior Cleaning has 20 years experience. We know how to clean your home.

    "Soft Washing" was born knowing there has to be a better way to clean these surfaces.

    What is the difference between pressure washing & "Soft Wash?" As mentioned, pressure washers use high pressure while soft washing uses low pressure. My definition of low pressure is under 100 psi. The soft wash technique uses the availability of different soaps that will do the cleaning without pressure. Between the soaps and the dwell time, the surfaces can be cleaned without any damage to the surfaces. In all cases where soft washing is the best method. There is no damage there, is a better cleaning, and the dirt, algae and mold are not being forced into the surface, only to return much sooner.

    The Soft Wash" system we use here in Raleigh does not use a pressure washer set at a “low” setting. If you are told that this is a safe way to clean your roof or siding then it’s time to call Raleigh's Premier "Soft Wash" company that uses pressures close to the pressure that comes from a garden hose.

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    the roof looks good
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    I also use an elephant in my logo!

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    Great minds think alike! :clapping:
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    Nice looking roof cleaning pics from a seasoned professional and a good definition of Soft Wash.
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    What are you using as your "soap/cleaner" to do this soft wash??
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    what kind of pressure washer do you use?
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    I just bought a 5.5 gpm @ 3500 psi. For 20 years I used 4.0 @ 4000 psi

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