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Eliminate LO, for PG Magnums......


LawnSite Platinum Member
Got a flyer from Lesco today. They're pushing their broadleaf post emergent Eliminate now, "Eliminate LO" that supposedly designed for low pressure units.

I picked up a case of it, 5 gallons, when I picked up 4 more cases of Momentum FX2, which is was I've been previously running.

Here's where you can get the label for the Eliminate LO....


It's actually $60 cheaper per case than my Momentum FX2.

Also, the percentage of A/I is higher.

However, if you compare the lists of weeds controlled between the 2, the Momentum lists many more.

Just thought for those that didn't know, and would like to be running something that lists low volume application rates, that this product is on the market.

I've got some large(r) parks to do next week, 5 acres each, and am going to spray 1/2 the park with my Momentum, 1/2 with the Eliminate Lo.