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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by J Hisch, Nov 23, 2003.

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    We all know that the competition in this business is tough for a nicer word. However, if we the professionals begin to separate ourselves from the competition we then begin to eliminate our true competition. Really we do this in such a simple way. We must begin to provide complete Turf Management Services. Mowing is easy to get into everybody can go and purchase the same equipment we can, but they cannot devote the time or effort we can to learn more. For example, My company provides complete lawn care service. Mowing, Fert/weed control, ornamental care, sprinkler maintenance, Large leaf removal, landscape maintenance. By doing this I am able to sell more service to a solid customer base, they make one call for all problems. We can charge less! Yes less. We are there already to mow another 15 min to spread/spray products, trim a bush here or there. weed a bed/ turn sprinkler on/off. Then when our customers are approached they will ask do you do this or that to our competition. When the answer is no, we win they win. Anyone else think this way? or am I out of my mind? I choose to eliminate my competition, I would not even want to guess at the number of LCO's in my town but my true competition is only about 4 other who dose what we do.
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    good way to think about it. sounds like a win win situation
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    That's the way I do it also. I don't want my customers to have to go shopping for anything. I don't even take on construction work unless it is for a regular customer. If the job is something I can't handle, such as stone walls and such, I will sub out to another LCO in my area who does great work. They send me alot of maintenance accounts so I am not at all worried about him taking my accounts. Other than that I have the same philosophy as you.
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    In general, your top 10% of clients generate close to 35% of your gross income. It is always better to push for full service. We primarily sign for spring clean-ups, weekly mowing, pruning, mulching, fert program, and fall clean-ups. We're not licensed for irrigation work (& at this point aren't interested in pursuing it), but we will sign fert only or landscape only jobs. Your full service clientele generally want their properties looking top notch and are willing to pay for it too.
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    Agreed, but I would not charge less than the going rate for a service. I know I will get it anyway, why should I charge less? If they got someone else, they would pay the same rate. :cool:
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    Good post!

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    I do it differently but I do mostly design and installs. I do a few things and do them really well and I charge alot for my services. When I bid jobs I explain to my customers my idea of doing one thing but being the best at it. I loose alot of bids but the one I get make up for it. Half the work for the same amount of $$$$

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    J. Hisch, You are right on! I talked about this in another thread. The more you can do for a client is less they'll need someone else for. We have to raise the bar on these scrubs. Dedicate them to mowing only. Some of the larger LCo's in my area sub out some of their mowing to scrubs now. They do it cheap and it's less labor and equipment to maintain for you.
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    I am in oldethandirt's camp. I specialize in Lawn Care 95% of the time. I have never had a single customer complain about it.

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