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I've read alot about scrubs and lowballers, no need to get upset. When the customer informs you of his shockingly low estimate; first ask to see this estimate to verify it. Next tell them you'll gladly match it as long as they have workers comp., a chemical license and a license with the town (assuming your town like mine requires these things). Next, inform them without these things, that company is running an illegal operation. When the customer asks the company for these numbers, it will give everyone a lot to think about.


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That is a good approach, and will open up the customer's eyes for sure. We do not like to price match, as it shows we seem to be overcharging for our services unless they have something to price match. We tend to hold to our estimates, but I do like how you get them thinking. I would inform them to check for the items you mentioned, and then stick to your price.


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I no longer price match. I also inform the customer to make sure the company they are planning to use is licensed, and insured for their own protection. Sometimes it makes a difference, but usually they just see the price difference and don't worry about licenses and insurance (until an accident happens).

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Thats a great idea. Except, what do you do when a customer calls your bluff, and says the other customer has all their paperwork. Now you are stuck doing the job at much less than you wanted. If you still decline you are in breach of a verbal aggrement. Those are always good things to point out to a customer, but a price match is always risky.

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My price is my price. I do good work. I don't really care about the scrubs or the trunkslammers or even the big companies. They will always be there. Don't waste your time worrying about it. Stick by your price. Do good work.


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Does any one here really think homeowners care about all of that?
Maybe a few.............DARN few.

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