ELVEX ear muffs...save your money

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GarPA, Jul 18, 2008.

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    Over the years I've owned about 6 pairs of Peltors and the other brand I think called WorkTunes. The WorkTUnes have low volume and poor noise deadening compared to the Peltors. All of my Peltors have always had good noise protection, good radio volume and excellent sound quality. My only complaint about the P's is the constant wiring problems even when I am very careful with how they are handled. So....I did some research here on other brands and after wading thru some older threads I decided to give the Elvex muffs a try given the numerous positive comments here on Lawnsite . (green in color).
    These are the worst headsets of any I've owned. Poor volume and radio sound quality and they are so slippery that they are bound to be dropped multiple times a week. Over the years here on Lawnsite I've always gotten good info on products that was almost always accurate but not this time.
    I;ve already shipped them back to Gemplers so I guess I'll have to stay with Peltors and deal with the wiring issues. Oh and I forgot to mention that the Elvex set was almost $100.....what a joke.
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    maybe you got some bad ones...I love mine.

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