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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rkeguy, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. rkeguy

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    After doing an extensive search I did not find what I was looking for regarding email. I have been getting more emails than phone calls lately for mowing services, and notice that most come from a smartphone since the bottom of the email states the providers service. When I see that it comes from a smartphone, I do not reply till the next business day, if it is later than 9pm due to not wanting to disturb someone after 9pm with an email alert.

    I personally do not have a smartphone and have been using prepaid phone for years. I will check email in the morning and evening and try to respond as soon as possible. I have only had one text message sent to me and I did not reply since it stated "how much 2 mow small yard".

    Also, is it recommended to have a vacation reply to thank someone for their time in emailing? How do others handle emailing potential clients?

    Thanks - Mike
  2. 205mx

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    When a client emails me, I answer ASAP.
    I check my email at the top and borrow of every hour and usually in between.
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    I went to a smartphone this year for that very reason, the ability to do business on the fly, it has made a dramatic difference,high end customers today expect you to be up to date and able to do business at warp speed. it's just the way it is today, adapt or go under.When a customer emails, text or contacts me through the website, I need to be able to reply immediately.
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    Hey Mike
    I wouldn't worry about the email alerts. Many smart phones can be configured to turn off alerts automatically between certain hours, so people aren't disturbed over night, even if they keep their phone by their bed.
    As the others have said, it is probably more advantageous to get back to queries ASAP, as people will often deal with stuff like their lawn care guy, at night.

    This probably depends on how quickly you can get back to people. If you can only get back to people at night, maybe it's a good idea to set up an auto-response that gives them an idea of when they'll hear back from you. This will help set their expectations.
    I'd suggest positioning the email in such a way that makes it sound like getting back to them in the evening (rather than a rushed response during the day when you are out in the field), is better for them.
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    Coming from the auto industry, if you dont respond back within 15 mins....they've already talked to someone by then who they just signed up with.

    If someone emails you at 11:41pm right now, they are obviously thinking about getting their yard serviced. You're gonna wait until 9-5 to respond? Imagine their impression if you responded immediately and advised them you will follow up with them first thing in the morning and you would like the address to go look at the property so when you call them you will be on scene. (Regardless of your schedule, people want to be a customer not a number).

    Just my professional opinion.
  6. cpllawncare

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    I'd agree! you need to set up a system for immediate attention on all inquiry's
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    I think many of us will respond to an email faster than to a missed phone call these days. Its just easier to reply to an email quick than make a phone call sometimes. In today's professional world, like has been said before, people expect you to be able to get their emails within hours of them being sent. Constant connection and contact is what the world has become. Adapt.

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    You email me at 4 am?
    I text you back at 4:05
  9. 205mx

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    Mike, I have a great service that does exactly this. What happens is that when I miss a call, the voice mail message is actually emailed to me. It works VERY well. I only pay $35/month.
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