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    The e-mail thing is great. except many times I have replied, went and looked, made a quote up, sent it out and oh well I changed my mind. or I can't really afford it right now.

    You have never talked to them in person, they don't even realize they are dealing with a real person and wasting your time.

    I had a guy on Saturday that wanted a quote to trim his tree. I was booked with other appt. until 1. He said can you come earlier, I said no. He says ok 1.

    I got there at 1 and some hack had given him a quote and done the work already.

    Funny thing is I think he told them he would clean up the mess and he wanted it cut right back because all that was left was a hudge mess and a tree trunk! Pretty sure he was pissed when he got home.
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    I appreciate all the insight. Since asking I setup a vacation reply to my email so a potential client has an expection of when I will be contacting them back. I will be looking into a smartphone in the near future so I can have internet access on phone and be able to connect to my email account.
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    Unfortunely this is a requirement really :-/
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