Email Invoicing????

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by cuttin-to-the-Max, Jun 29, 2011.


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    Great idea I use quickbooks and email my invoices. I used to forget to take them with me now I just invoice and hit send. All but three of my customers have email so it works great.
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    Been using this software for awhile now, love it and VERY affordable!
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    Sounds like you're looking for Jobber, we offer a 30-Day free trial, come check us out at

    You can use the software to generate quotes/estimates as well as invoices (among many other things) and you can email your customers their copies. If you have a smartphone or tablet you can send those emails right from your customers' doorsteps. Or you can print off a PDF version if your customer prefers a paper copy. Let me know what you think, good luck!
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    Yes until your version gets to be a few years old and they stop supporting it!

    I email about 20% of my invoices. It's very convenient but I have had a few cases where customers have fogotten to print the invoice or just forgotten about them entirely...or so they said anyway.
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    can we discuss real quick how tofill out email preferences for My Invoices 7 estimates deluxe and filling out.....
    smtp mail server
    pop3 mail server
    domain name
    user Id

    i use a simple sbcglobal.netemail addy.....powered by yahoo i suppose
    I need help finding those details to fill out the preferences portion in order to=email invoices.
    & forgivemy relative lack of computer savvy...:)

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