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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by kandklandscape, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. kandklandscape

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    Does anyone do it? I hear it is not a bad marketing tool for what you pay, suppose to get $100 for every $1 spent, read this on a marketing website last week. Anyone try it yet?
  2. Flow Control

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    If that is the case then sign me up I will spend 1 Trillion Dollars and make 99 Trillion then I will retire the richest man in the world.
  3. dutchhook

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    Look up the "CAN SPAM" act passed to punish spam emailers(and faxers.
    If you're dealing with property managers and only have a limited number of customers, you don't want to irritate them, so what I do is I have a telemarketer, (yes that can be irritating too), just calling to see if prop mgrs are looking for spring bids, but one of the last questions she asks before getting off the phone is if we have permission to send information by fax and/or by email. We've gotten 100% OK's on the faxes and just 2 by emails, but they all got 4 page brochures that same day, and it was completely legal. Whether I get business, well ?????? hopefully
  4. Raven386

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    the only problem with the email marketing. the emails might just get sent straight to their spam box. and how do you only send them to people in your area? some people might have registered their name in CA but now live in CT. I would think doing doorhangers would yield more results...JMO
  5. sancho_man_orlando

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    I am planning on giving this a shot.

    Look into a program that has the ability to keep track of leads by having them sign up to receive your message and that provides an automated sign up and removal (which I believe is required to be excluded from these spamming issues).

    I am planning to add a "Sign up for Monthly Landscape Tips Newsletter" on my website where I will offer 1 or 2 helpful tips on maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape, this will also be sent as an e-mail to all my customers. This will also include several photos of recent projects or other landscapes that we maintain. This newsletter will also include seasonal specials, new services or whatever else may beem beneficial to include = )

    This will also be printed from my laptop computer, folded and mailed to customers who do not have an email address.

    I am hoping to pick up small commercial properties as customers so I will also include properties that I would like to begin to seduce into coming on as customers...
  6. dutchhook

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    You can do all of this using "Constant Contact" software. it will do the subscribe/unsubscribe option, it has some sort of 60 day free trial, and the pricing is something like $30 per month for 500-2500 emails per month. The company I used to use is no longer in business, but the neat thing these companies do is they track bounced emails, and will even let you know who opened the email once, twice, or three times. If someone opens your newsletter three times, that's pretty awesome. I have no ties to constant contact, but here is their pricing page. (Look for the 60 day free trial on the home page)

    Steve Hoogenakker

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