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    How do you see email marketing as a dinosaur? I would think that email marketing would be much more effective than text message marketing.

    Cons of text message marketing:
    1. Targeting the wrong people - The people I see that would opt in to text messages from you would be teenagers. Since when were teenagers our industry's target market?
    2. Many people have a cell phone, but no text messaging (especially senior citizens)
    3. People change phone numbers much more often than email addresses
    4. Text messages would get annoying real quick
    5. Not everyone has internet enabled phones so you can't link back to your website
    6. I don't see text messaging as a professional way to contact customers or potential customers

    Pros of email marketing to customers:
    1. Almost EVERYONE has internet and an email account
    2. Target Market
    3. CHEAP!
    4. Much more customizable than text messages. Can match company branding.
    5. Can link to websites
    6. ANALYTICS! Can see exactly what people do in your email! Text messaging lacks that!
    7. Less annoying than text messages. People almost expect to see company newsletters when they login to check their email so it would come accross as less spamy.

    I'm not saying text message marketing has no use. If you are in an industry where you are targeting teenagers and younger adults, that would be a great choice! For landscaspers, I think email marketing is a better choice than text message marketing!
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    DEAD ON Tony!
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    I receive emails everyday from different retailers. Couldn't tell you anything about them. Delete. Actually my target customer is younger people. Not looking for senior citizens. Past experience is that they are a pita. I'm looking for the young professional single woman, the soccer mom and the guy who doesn't have time between work and golf. In my market area, those types are plentiful.
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    By the way, I have 74 subscribers to my text campaign and they have the option to unsubscribe themselves at any time
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