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  1. John Gamba

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    I thought i had a problem with the LAWNSITE e mail BUT it is with my computer. I was Though getting a lot of those pop up adds and i now am not.
  2. thfireman

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  3. D Felix

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    I'll jump in on this thread, I've got a problem too that I think was asked earlier...

    I'm not getting the email notification when a reply is made to a thread that I'm subscribed to. The "email notification" is checked "yes" in my User CP "edit options" tab, but I'm not getting notification of it. I'm used to it from Arboristsite, and it's almost annoying not knowing that someone has replied to a thread I'm subscribed to...

    Any help?

  4. chuckwk

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    D Felix

    I noticed you have a Yahoo email account on file... note, that yahoo flags email sent from as 'junk' mail... depending on your yahoo settings it might get deleted before you even see it or go into a 'junk' folder for automatic deletion at a later time.
  5. D Felix

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    Thanks for the help... Don't know what happened, but it seems I'm getting the notifications now. 2 of them got routed to the "bulk" folder, all the others are in my inbox.

    Thanks again.


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