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  1. EliteImpressions

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    Ive noticed a lot of people asking for advice to look more professional to the customers and a see a lot of people without their own email address ( For $35 a year you can have a custom address and look more professional in the customer's eyes. If you ever decide you want a website it the future, its very easy to change your account (might take about 3 clicks to do it.) Heres a link

    Im sure there are plenty of places that may be cheaper but I use yahoo and have had no probelems.

    - 2gb inbox capacity
    - 20mb attachment capability

  2. drsogr

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    LOL...I have a domain name and could easily get my email changed over....I just haven't. I don't think it really makes you look any more professional. If you had an actual website it helps though.
  3. dsmrolla06

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    I paid maybe 8 bucks for a domain name and 4 bucks a month for web hosting. I think thats a small price to pay for having a website and email address.
  4. EliteImpressions

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    from Jersey
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    Some people may feel its not important to have something as small as a custom email address. But if company A and B are going for some new customers in a 500k plus home development, the one with the custom email has a better chance.
  5. nherweck

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    I got my domain name from for 8.95/year. I got my hosting from a company selling on ebay, 10/year. 19 dollars/year, pretty inexpensive if you ask me!
  6. Luvs2Play

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    I somewhat disagree, When I go to a website to inspect nearly any company, there is not an email address on it, only a link (email). I personally never pay any attention to an email address. Most all of my 500k customers call me on the phone, they want instant gratification. Has worked for me for several years.
  7. EliteImpressions

    EliteImpressions LawnSite Member
    from Jersey
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    Sorry if I wasnt clear, I was refering to having a custom email address on printed material (business cards, flyers, postcards, etc)

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