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Embarassing Stories?


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Smithfield, NC
I have an embarrassing story. I was mowing a yard last summer for a friend(he was in a wreck and unable to do it himself) The front yard has a slope down towards a ditch. The ditch is very shallow but steep sloped. I was going to make one more pass on the bank with my ZTR and then finish it with a pusher. The grass was wet and it started sliding down the hill. I tried to stop it but it was no use. I slid down to the ditch and the deck dug in. I turned the mower towards the road to drive out and the rear bumper bottomed out leaving the tires spinning in the air. I had to get my truck out in the street totally blocking the road. I only had some pull type tiedowns in the truck. Keep in mind this is a 1100 lb mower. I hooked the only 2 straps I had to the mower and broke one of them trying to pull it out. Boy did I look like a real professional!!!!


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New Hampshire
one of several.....

I had an employee several years ago mowing an estate with several prized newly planted apple trees growing in the orchard. Well this employee saw fit to remove the side deflector of the mower in order to cut closer to the tree trunks. Instead of trimming the grass growing near the tree base he cut too close and severed the tree at blade height. Well as bad as this was what was worse was that he took the severed seedling and stuck it back in the ground hoping the homeowner would not notice. When I was called about it and visited the site I was speechless. Fortunately, so was the homeowner. I replaced the trees for the homeowner but first I fired the idiot.....oh I mean employee...ooops...former employee.


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I have one that still makes me laugh. Me and another guy were mowing for a different company. Commercial job fairly large, it was a beautiful day around 2:00 a few more hours and I would sitting at home enjoying miller time. I was finishing up mowing my section and driving the mower back to the truck when a convertible pulled into the parking lot with two absolutely gorgeous women in the car. Got back to the truck and turned to my fellow worker to see if he was enjoying the beautiful scenery as I was. He sure was, mowing a pretty straight line I might add considering he was looking straight to his left, although he was getting pretty close to running into a parked car if he didnt pay attention soon. You know what happened next? Actually better, he noticed the car at he last second where he went straight into shock mode, he was driving a pistol grip WB and seeing a car he was about to hit he freaked and took a hard right, so hard he lost control spun around and flew off the mower. The mower he was using was old piece of crap belt drive with no safety kill if you lose control of the mower. The mower took off right by the convertible hopped up onto an island and smashed into a tree. I about pissed myself and the girls were just in awe, which turned to laughter. This guy was so red in the face it looked like he fell asleep on the beach for 10 hours in 100 degree heat. No one was hurt not even the mower, but my partners pride was a little damaged.

Utah Lawn Care

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I fell out of a tree about 8 feet and landed on my side on the clients lawn. I hopped up and went back to work. 10 seconds later the owner came out and didn't mention anything so I don't think they saw what happened thank goodness.

A couple years ago I took a pee in a clients back yard who didn't live there all Summer. Ten seconds after peeing the client walked around the corner. From that point on I made a note on the work sheet not to pee in their back yard. Close call.


Back in my days as an employee. I was on the stander and was cutting a smaller back lawn. It was later in the day and the sun was setting. As I am making my pass sun in eyes I looked down in front of the mower then bam next thing I know I'm flat on my back looking up at the sky. My head is pounding. I ran in to a low branch with my head knock me clear off the mower. Lucky noone saw but man did I feel stuipd.


LawnSite Senior Member
About 2 years ago I took my father along with me so he could just see my route. Well at one of my accounts he decided to go to the bathroom way in the back. When I noticed what he was doing I told him not to be doing that because the owner has cameras all over the property since it's way out in the country. So 6 months later father tags along again. Same house I see him walking out very relaxed with a shovel. So right away I get off my mower and go up to him and tell him "Dad what did I tell you". He says "relax I went all the way in the back behind the shed". So I took him back there and pointed at the camera right above that was hidden. He got really embarrassed and apologized. So a week later I see my client and ask him how's everything, he says it's very beautiful but please just tell your dad to stop fertilizing. I said ok boss will do, and left. It was a very awkward moment.:oops:
(P.s. also in the same spot there are some weeds that I spray, pull out etc. And they always come back. Thanks dad!:laugh:


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West, GA
I usually wear shorts, but early season its a little cold, so jeans. My work jeans are always the ones my wife determines are to worn for use other than lawn care. I'm doing a mulch job at a new customers house, right in the middle of a cluster of 4 other customers. I stoop down to pull a weed and split the jeans from rear belt loop to crotch. Thank goodness i threw some shorts in the truck if it warmed up later in the day.