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Discussion in 'Lawn Care Business Management' started by richardcog, Jul 9, 2013.

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    I have a school kid working with me some. he also cuts grass on the side. he only has 12 yards and i'm ok with it. but he ask me could we cut his yards with my mow. what should i charge him like what % per yard. also when he starts back school this fall he is going to give them to me. I know I will keep them cause I have talk to all his clients but they just want to help him threw the summer
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    i think that could be a win win situation. If he is just a kid, you probably need to get the parents involved, and come up with an agreement that is workable for all. I say its a win win because the kid will have some ownership in the properties that he has picked up and earned, so his work ethic SHOULD be pretty good. That leads to quality work. When he goes back to school, you continue to earn cash for those yards. As long as he knows how to maintain and care for your equipment like its his own, should work out pretty well. I assume you2 are working together to mow his 12 lawns correct? If so, id say split those 12 50/50 when using your equipment.

    The hard part of that situation would be how to track the income and expenses so you can claim the income and expenses on the taxes at the end of the year. For that part, you would have to contact an accountant IMO.

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