Empire zoysia help needed with disease id and treatment


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Foley, AL
I’m in coastal AL. This is an area of my lawn that stays pretty damp. It’s always last part of the yard to dry and I have historically had trouble since I laid the sod keeping this turf lush and thick like in the other areas of the yard. Our property backs up to a wooded swampland and in August I had a box cutter go behind the fence and clear about 6 feet of brush to hopefully help with drainage and air circulation. This disease just started in late August when we got a ton of rain from a tropical system. I see rust on some of the blades but I don’t think rust alone can cause that level of decline. (BTW, I noticed when I took the macro pics that I needed a new lawnmower blade, which is on order.) Can anyone tell me what else I’m dealing with? And how best to treat it? I have pets and I am very sensitive to chemicals, so I try and only use the organic stuff. But being in the South, I understand the pests and diseases sometimes require the big guns. So I will pay someone to come use chemicals if chemicals are my only solution option. Thanks in advance, y’all!


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