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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gregau33, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Hi all, this is my first post here, but have read a lot of the forum over the years. Anyway, I just put some empire zoysia sod down in my yard about three weeks ago. I have done all the necessary things to ensure proper rooting of the empire zoysia, but it has been a very long and tiring process of little to no growth. I know zoysia is one of the slowest growing turfs, but it has been three weeks and my sod has just recently taken root where I can no longer pull the sod up.

    I guess my questions are; how long does it take for the zoysia to start filling in gaps and start to spread? When should I apply fertilizer? I live in the Florida Panhandle, and am really looking forward to a lush green carpet of grass.

    I have posted a picture of what the sod looks like being three weeks installed. The sod you see pictured was just coming out of dormancy, but I still think I should be having some better results. Any tips/guidance would be appreciated. Thanks guys!


  2. For 3 weeks and I'm assuming dry weather that looks good. You can put milorgonite on now and then I would put down a palm fert like an 8-2-12 after the first 90 days. Will you be mowing with a reel?
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    I'm not too sure about mowing with a reel mower. I have a 36" Hustler Trimstar that I have used on my previous lawns. I know a reel is the preferred mower for empire zoysia, but IF I do end up getting one, is there a decent one you recommend? I do have a manual fiskars reel mower, but I don't think that will have the power for a thick zoysia turf
  4. I would look for a used Tru-cut h20. That is the homeowner model. Since you are only using this at your property it should serve you well. If you can find a c25 or c27 for a good price, jump on it. Let me say this-the difference b/t a rotary and reel is NIGHT and DAY. It bothers me to see people spend money on empire zoysia only to cut with a rotary. You should be able to find a good used one for a good price.
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    Zoysia is slow to establish. It's better NOT to fertilize with N during the first 2 months while zoysia is developing roots, or it will grow the top instead. And don't mow it too close.
    If you want to give it some help, apply some alfalfa.
  6. Milorgonite is low N and slow-release, basically just for a green up. Don't mow too close? As in cut it high?
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