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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by DBL, Aug 14, 2006.

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    we dont have a contract to put our employees under just wondering if anyone has any that they have for their guys that they want to share with us
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    Why would you want/need one? All we have new employees sign is a "Non-Compete" and a "Trade Secrets" document that my atty drew up.
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    I am not very computer skilled but I will try and post a position contract for a Gardener or maintenance foreman. Well lets see if this worked.
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    Apparently I already posted it on a thread titled "taking business seriously " it is on the second page, help yourself.

    There are many purposes for an employee contract.
    • Like any contract to get straight up front in writing what each party is going to do for the other
    • To illustrate to the employee you have a plan and are not flying by the seat of your pants
    • To illustrate that everyone in the company is on the same page
    • To provide documentation that an employee knows what his duties are and that he agreed to perform them if you need to terminate
    • To illustrate to the employee his position is important and that he is a valued team member
    • Do I need to go on?
    Its basically an illustration thing.

    Everyone complains about labor problems. What do you expect if you treat your labor like they are a temp or disposable. If you can't lay out a plan to show them how they can turn this job into a career that will support them and their families you are doomed to slugs for help.

    When I talk about doing strategic work or working on the business not in the business this is the kind of stuff I'm talking about. Employee contracts, positioning statement, selling process, billing policies, marketing plans , client fulfillment, systems for each and everything you do. Its not easy and it takes a lot of time but once you are done you have a solid foundation for a business that has no limit. When you buy a franchise this is some of the kind of stuff you are paying for.

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