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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Dec 14, 2004.

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    i can't find the recent thread where this was discussed. just want to check my numbers. a seasonal employee (38 weeks per season) on a 40 hr work week, with 1/2 hr lunch break (paid) with 1 week pd vacation, with 3 sick days, at the rate of $12 per hr , cost me, including wc, payroll, misc safety/uniforms, etc about $14.50 an hour. is this close to the numbers that were discussed?
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    It would run about 14-17% of what his hourly base pay is.
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    you give vacation and sick leave to seasonal workers.
    is that time built into the 38 weeks ( ie. they actually work 38 weeks then get the week at the beginning or end of the season )
    sounds like you are a pretty nice guy after all. the tuff guy thing must jest be a facade.
    we give our year around employees vacation, etc. most use it during the winter to offset somewhat reduced hours.

    back to the question
    you also need to add in any non billable hours and all administrative expenses.
    any shop or office expenses etc. should be added in as well.
    the time you spend on billing, etc, should be divided between your total production hours. and added in
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    I only have one full time employee, and my numbers are almost duplicate. Good to see I am about where I should be.....
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    That is Cheap. At 13.6% worker comp alone Plus Unemployement,Medacare, SS, Etc Etc and Payroll sevice I am at $15.50 per hour for a $ 12.00 an hour man and I am not counting Vacation or sick time off. My guys are on Salary and They get sick time, paid vacations and Profit Share. They have all been with me for over 5 years now and make a little more than $ 12.00 hours. They are paid 52 weeks a year.

    I guess New Jerkey is a cheap state to do business in.
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    workman's comp here is only 9% for maintenance and 12% for construction.
    also remember that to get a true cost you have to figure in all administrative costs, shop costs, etc.
    so if your shop, wharehouse, etc. costs you $800/month and you figure $300/month in administrative (billing, phone calls, deposits, bidding, on jobs you don't get, etc).
    that will put you at $1100.00/month.
    if you have 4 employees including yourself that # will be spread out over 640 hrs per month (if all 4 workfull time all month) this is almost $2.00/hr if they work 12 months. it goes up if they work less hours.

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