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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stslawncare, Feb 11, 2002.

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    hey if i get a few more lawns for this upcoming season i will most likely be hiring a helper. my question is i would like to type up a list of dos and donts for what to say/do and what not to at/with a customer.
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    Unless it was about $, have them tag along with you as much as possible when you have to speak with a customer. Let your helper see firsthand how you talk with this person and what you're trying to communicate.

    Then after you're done with this acccount, take a couple of minutes alone with your helper and get their comments and reaction. Who knows, he/she might bring up something you missed or overlooked? Or have questions about things you said.

    Now it you want to get real explicit, write an employee manual. There was a thread about the use of an employee manual just a couple of weeks ago. You might want to check it out.
  3. stslawncare

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    my thinking is lets say a helper is at a job by himself and customer comes out and says can u do this for me, or how much for this etc etc.
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    If thats the case.. you want to make sure your employee is instructed to tell the client to contact YOU for estimates and other work etc. I had a few employees a couple years back that were doing side work through-out the day while they were working for me using our equipment.... One of my customers called me and told me !!! That was the end of those guys.... :mad:
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    here is a big "DON'T" do not lend them money, or front them money for that matter, my guys use to think i was a bank.Worst mistake i have made.
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    ALL our Hourly's refer customer contact to the Foreman or Crew Leader ... as side for that ..... just be polite, be aware of your surrounding (safety), or as I tell em "don't do anything you wouldn;t do in front of a cop" .... which means yes sir or yes ma'am ....(I'm not a kiss ass but than I'm not a smart ass either)

    I have to agree on the $$ thing ..... no advances greater than 30% of time on weekly card ....1 per month or show me the power turn off notice

    Don't hire friend or family
  7. There is so much info you need to discuss we can't post it all. Start with the basics of what you feel.

    You are better off telling them to have any changes in what is done, the customer needs to contact you.

    Unless little BS stuff like blow my pool deck off. It will depend on the job also.

    Then employees don't change anything in jobs if customers tell them to and to contact you.

    Lending money causes amnisia!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jot down some basic rule you want them to follow.

    You might want to search the web for employee hand books also.

    Good Luck chat room coordinator scottyschmidt

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