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Discussion in 'Employment' started by South Florida Lawns, Jul 28, 2014.

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    I have one guy that's been with us for almost a year now and he's gotten to be beyond slow. it's to the point that it's really frustrating for the other guys because they will have to wait on him and slows the whole crew. It's not that he's standing around doing nothing, but just dragging the job out, and or will pick the easiest task to do.

    His quality is awesome, takes pride in work,very talented, and an all around good guy, however there's no hustle anymore. I did give him holiday bonus and a raise several months back. I want to have a talk with him but not sure how to approach, and what words to use. Any advice?
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    Can you use him working by himself. Maybe weeding or pruning or anything else.
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    Just ask him what's up. Always start with commendation and then get him to open up. Maybe he's got family problems, maybe he's bored with the job, who knows.
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    I have seen this before. During that time being crew leader/ boss's right hand I'd see and hear things the owner never knew. If this guys slow down in productivity happened shortly after you gave him a raise there is a chance he is not happy with the amount and is giving you what he feels is worth his pay. If this is the case and it continues expect to see a few things....moral drop in crew, others slowing down aswell due to him "getting away with it" things of this nature. Keep your eyes open and ear to the ground. As for how to approach him.....depending on your managing manner maybe pull him aside ask him what's up or crack the whip so everyone knows what is expected of them. Merely a suggestion but trust me you do not want everyone's moral to drop along with productivity
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