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    I don't want to sell mine and it you would probably be dissapointed when you got it anyway, because its for my company. If you use a payroll service like ADP or Paychex they provide some human resources services and can give you a boilerplate employee hand book that will meet your state and federal requirements.

    Both of these documents are very specific to your business. If you want to buy someone else's business get a franchise. I think if you join PLANET you get access to "business in a box" that has both general systems and an employee hand book. That would cost 4-500 bucks I think and be a good jumping off point for you if you are determined to go down this road.

    I just want to reiterate you must be committed and its not easy to get everyone to comply with your rules and systems. Take a walk down that road mentally for a minute and give some thought to what may happen...

    Your employee hand book states if a foreman leaves any gate open two times in a 30 day period they will be terminated. I think we can all agree a gate left unlatched where children could get into a pool and drown or a family pet may escape is about as serious of offense as you could encounter.

    Now your best foreman has some personal things going on and his head is not completely in the game, he leaves gates open... what are you going to do? You have to fire the guy. Oh yea he is also your best friend and brother in law now you have problems. If you don't fire him you open yourself to legal problems down the road not to mention undermining the foundation of your company. Which rules or systems do you follow and which ones do you ignore.

    If you are going to get big you definitely need these tools. If you are unsure save yourself the headache and legal liability. I can't emphasize enough this is no small undertaking.
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    All my guys speak and read english
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    I was just joking about the spanish versions.

    You do bring up some good points. The trick is to have a policy in place that is clear but also flexible.

    One option for people starting out it to use the resource you mentioned or the ones I mentioned. The bottom line however, it does not have to be all done at one time. The hand book (s) can change and grow. Use Memo's and set policies if something happens then bring them into the manual on the next revision.

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