Employee hit fence they want a grand

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Gordons Landscape, May 8, 2004.

  1. Gordons Landscape

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    My employee mistakenly hit a fence on my mulch suppliers property a couple of days ago. Not bad just bent a pole on the gate. I told the mulch guy (steave) I was sorry and would pay for the damages (thinking oh well there goes $200). He has his wife (yes he sicked his wife on me) Call and tell me (in a very rude way) they needed a new gate and it was going to cost me a $1,000. $1,000 for a bent pole these guys are crazy. So I called a couple of other fence companys to give me a price on the fence.

    I think I could fix it with a sleage hammer. I just really think there trying to skrew me. I want to do the right thing but with this ladies attitude coupled with outragous demands I am wondering if it is possible (to do the right thing). What do you think am I being unreasonable.
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    Thats when you tell them I'll get an estimate for the fence and I'll be in touch 1000 sounds pretty high. Deal with his wife in a professional way. I would be upset if somebody did damage to my property. I would get a least 2 estimates quickly so this situation can be buried quickly just my .02

  3. dkeisala

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    "We appreciate all your past business in buying all your mulch from us. To show our appreciation, we are going to screw you on a simple repair". I bet these people have a sign on their property limiting their liability in the event something is damaged while loading trucks and/or trailers.

    Get a couple repair estimates quickly. Negotiate a fair price for repair (you could give them the grand and I'll bet a new gate will not appear - they'll pay for a pole replacement a pocket the rest) then find someone else to buy your mulch from. They don't seem to care much for your business.
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    Get THREE estimates. Do not pay them the grand. If they want to do this professionally, you should be able to talk to them. Do NOT tell them that you have THREE estimates. This is for your advantage to show consistency if in the event, you go to court. Get over there right away and take pictures (before they rush right in and have it repaired). If they are set on the "$1000"., let them take you to court. With enough estimates, the court may very well see this as "unreasonable". That's the idea behind you getting THREE estimates - so it's not a fluke. It is so easy for them to get 1 or 2 estimates that are a grand, if it's people that they know, especially. Stick by your guns. They are just being greedy.
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    What does your insurance company say about it?
  6. Gordons Landscape

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    Not reporting it to insurance (just a grand)
  7. Turf Medic

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    You might want to use the insurance story to get them to back off. Tell them that they will need to get 2 or 3 estimates for you to turn in to your insurance. I would still make sure you hustle right over and get photos.

    If you have a good relationship with your insurance agent, and can convince him/her that you are getting a bit of a screwing, they might be willing to make the call for you.

    If you do decide to pay, I would wait until the repair work is done, and you get the reciept, or make the check out to the company doing the repairs.
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  9. Gordons Landscape

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    Got Pictures left a to the point message on there answering machine saying I don't think there being resonable and would like to settle matters out of court. But am unaffraid to take it to that level.

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