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    I am trying to move our company from infancy to adolescence, and am experiencing some growing pains. We do roughly 12k monthly in maintenance. I am aware that most of them are self inflicted by not having a proper operations agreement/employee handbook.

    Nonetheless here is the current situation.

    I have 2 full time guys averaging 35-45 hours per week, both paid hourly. One was given the title accounts manager and the other a subordinate laborer. Both very good workers. They leave the office with a log book, detail time on each property & in truck, lunch breaks etc... Account manager gets $16 PH and general labor $11. I trust them to manage the clock and when I am on crew there reported time makes sense. The current system works but is poor for growth...


    - should accounts manager get a profit share incentive for efficiency? more hours = more money, good for them - bad for me... he is making a good base at 16 in my opinion. Those of you with salaried foreman, what do you pay them and what are your expectations?

    - I am flexible with time in time out. for example if someone needs to leave to take a kid to swim... I replace him. Or take a kid to school they meet up with us. Getting hard on schedule... but a good perk for them... also, impacts an hourly Vs. salary situation.

    - REFERRALS: I want to create a system that motivates employees to bring in new business. They are asking about walk ups, are they referrals? I.E. - employee says guy from church wants our service, OBVIOUS REFERRAL.However, while on company time, on routes, neighbor approaches truck and wants our service, is that a referral or part of there job description to bring in that business. Especially foreman?? Again, need a good handbook.

    I would appreciate feedback from you bigger guys that are maybe on the other side of this....
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    We are at cross roads NOW too...

    I pay 18.00 an hour for crew leader, NO PS. and you knwo what that does to insurance.
    we are looking at a percentage per work load. such as 2 to 3 % simply so we can call them subs.

    also looking at subbing out crew leaders. in Texas anything over 40 is time and a half.

    notice the period

    this is killing insurance and taxes.

    if you call them subs, and make them subs you can save a ton by 1099 at the end of the year.

    my crew leader handles EVERYTHING other than office work

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