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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Tri-City Outdoors, Nov 15, 2012.

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    Anybody have any experience with Employee leasing? It seams like a good option to cover payroll,workman's comp,unemployment and so on.

    I am looking into using SouthEast Personnel Leasing out of Tampa. I am having a hard time with workman's comp. Because my guys will use a ladder sometimes to trim. We want a pay as you go workman's comp, payroll all in one company. I like the idea of being able to change the comps codes between landscaping and maintenance.

    I guess I do not like the sound of ”Employee leasing”

    By the way any newbies or uniformed reading landscaping is construction. Any service adding value to a property is construction. Owner's can be exempt but employee can not. Your company is construction or not in the states eyes. IF you only provide a maintenance service you can have up to 4 (I think) employees and not have worker's comp.
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    Yes you can legally lease employees through a temp labor company for a day, week or season. You can treat them just as an employee however you will pay a flat fee for the first 40 hours and then you state overtime wages as well. but you are also paying the regular payroll, all taxes and the profit the the leasing company needs to make so, in all regards it will cost you more than just putting them on your normal payroll. The only benefit is you can change out workers easily that don't work out for you with out the headaches of state unemployment claims against your company since they are really employed primarily by the employment agency
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    An other way to go is a Payroll Service that offers Worker Comp. My insurance agent hooked me up with a Insurance carrier that offered Payroll service. Both this plan and Employee leasing offer the cash flow benefit of Pay as You Go Workers Comp Insurance. In house Payroll has to pay estimated W/C insurance up front for a year. This up front money could be better spend on faster equipment etc. BTW the Insurance/payroll service used my Checking account.

    I sold out my business in 2005. But at that time W/C insurance was 12.6% for landscape installer and irrigation tech etc. My total Labor Burden was 125 %. If my employees made $ 1000 I had to have $ 1250 in my checking account to cover payroll. The employee takes home $ 750 and the Payroll service takes the rest for taxes and files all the reports etc.

    I really liked the W/C payroll. I only had to manage having enough money to cover each week payroll & labor burden. No quarterly reports or big Money quarterly tax payments. BTW because they were profiting from my W/C I only paid a small percentage service fee.

    Call Ideal Insurance in Sarasota. 941 921 2102

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    My cousin is the biggest painting contractor in Charlotte county, he uses an employee leasing company for all of his employees and loves it.

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