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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PTP, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. PTP

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    Somebody is lying, that is for sure.

    Today, just after my employees left the shop to go home, the helper calls me and is wanting to talk about the foreman. Last Friday, they were doing lawns and one of them was to be bagged. I am paying double for the times that they have to bag. Well, the helper says that they did not bag but the foreman says that they filled 14 bags. I went today and looked at the property and it looks okay but there sure are an awful lot of clippings on the ground. The foreman says that they put all of the bags into a construction dumpster (I told him to put the bags by the road and I would pick them up with the trailer) but when I went by the house, there are no dumpsters around. There is construction in the area but it is a couple blocks away and it would have been really easy for him just to tell me to pick the bags up.

    So, I can't say for sure who is lying but things aren't looking good for the foreman. He has been pretty reliable and a hard worker but I don't have any patience at all for this sort of thing.

    What would you do?
  2. MarcSmith

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    First off, dumping in a construction dumpster is technically illegal since you are tresspassing on private property to use something that doesn't belong to you.... If you call the foreman out, he'll know that someone ratted on him, which will not make life easy for th employee....I woudl do a written counseling on the employee explaing the company policy of leaving bags on the corner for YOU to pick up....That way you can be assured of proper pay. No bags to pick up, no double pay....If he is lieing to you, is he stealing gas, or doing work on the side with your equipment during the day as well.....once you lie, the slope gets pretty slick as to how far someone will go....

    Put it to him this way...Ask him if his job is worth following company policy.. and then tell him if he fails to follow proper policy in the future, it will cost him his job......

    You could aways take the pay away from the double bagging....on friday...Employee's understand better when money is involved....

    I wish I had that option to dock pay........darn union....
  3. CamLand

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    Remember the Foreman reports to you every job that is done,If you are questioning a job then he needs to explain what has happened.Your the boss he is the bosses eyes...
  4. Soupy

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    PTP, I am sorry to hear this but it is just many problems I see arising from paying piece work. I hope everything works out for you. I would keep a close eye on your foreman from now on. I would say in 99% certainty that he did not bag the lawn. Makes you wonder what other short cuts he might be taking. If you can somehow prove he did not bag then he should be fired for theft of payroll. It's the same as cheating on a time card. No company would allow this kind of behavior.
  5. PTP

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    I am thinking that I will fire him. No one should have to go over the company policy to know that they shouldn't lie to me.

    Marc is right, money does talk. I was busting my but to make sure that this guy got $700 a week but now he will get nothing. I am willing to bet that the next one will be a little more honest.

    Oh well, it's just one more hurdle on the road to success. :)
  6. kickin sum grass

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    can you go back to the construction site and ask if there was a dumpster there on Friday. This way you will have more ammo.
  7. PTP

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    There was no construction site - at least not anywhere near. There is no room on the truck for 14 bags of grass. If they unloaded the mowers, they could have done it in 2 trips, but the lawn was literally 2 miles from where the shop is located and they would have had to come back about a half mile or something like that so it is not like they saved a lot of work (other than by not bagging).

    I didn't mention that today he also left one lawn looking like bush hogged. It was that bad. It was kind of rainy to day so I don't expect things to be perfect but I had already told them that they could quit if it got too bad - there is always tomorrow. This sort of thing I could live with - of course it would have to improve - but the lying thing I can't stand. I would rather hire someone who has never touched a mower than have a liar working for me.
  8. tonygreek

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    given your meteoric growth strategy, you have no choice but to find the right person for the foreman position. if he's doing this amongst your current accounts, what corners will he cut when you have your target number of accounts?

    and if it was during working hours, i can't imagine he would be able to unload 14 bags without your truck taking nailgun fire. ;)

    good luck.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    I can't stand lying either, but still, if the guy is an otherwise good worker, I'd let him know this is his one warning. Now that he's been found out, if he does it again, he certainly deserves the boot. Sometimes people just need a wake-up call. At least drive home the point that while his actions were against your policies, the lying about it is much worse.
  10. promower

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    Why would the employee want to go through the trouble of unloading the clippings down the street when knows your coming to get them? Either hes a real go-getter or hes lieing, I would think the later.

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