Employee Nightmare

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by New2TheGreenIndustry, Jan 10, 2014.

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    So let me preface this by saying the guilty party wasn't actually an employee, but thought we could use this thread for stories of bone head moves on part of the help.

    So I went down to do a job yesterday in Atlanta for one of my buddies father. It's quite a haul from where I operate now, but I've been doing his pine straw for years, it's always at my slowest time of year, and it pays well. I got my start in that area, so for the first several years, my help were my normal full time guys.

    Now that I've moved my business I don't know any help in the area, and I can't pay my guys 4-5 hours of drive time. So, I picked up a few day laborers at the local "spot".

    Things go fairly well, we get the job done, etc.

    I get a call from my buddy today asking if one of the guys had an upset stomach. Long story short one of the guys had taken a dump in the back yard, and the family dog rolled in it, and ran back into the house covered head to tail in human sh*t.

    I'm pretty mortified about the incident, but luckily it's someone I've know for years and can probably laugh about it once the stench has worn off.
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    Haha so funny, tht exact same thing happend to a local LCO! But his was a little worse, he got fired in the middle of a good size job. The family dog went into the backyard and ended up finding the pile of..... And then ran back and greeted the owner with kisses. I though for sure the story was bogus until i heard it from the pissed off LCO himself haha.
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    Although I suspect there may be some humor associated with your story, I honestly feel sorry for your friend who you have know for years. Mortified would not to begin express how I would feel about the matter.
    easy-lift guy

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