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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lux Lawn, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. Lux Lawn

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    I am trying to get a feel for how other company's give there employees a raise in pay.I have one guy that has been with me for 2 years now and is a hard worker but has made some costly mistakes last year he was making $11.50 an hour for 47 hours a week on a salary basis.We were probably averaging 40-45 a week. This season I told him he would get another .50 raise in the beginning of April. What do you think?
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    I always say this, TREAT employee's how you want to be treated!

    IF you pay him $10 you get $10 worth, pay him $15 you get $15 worth.. Well, this is somewhat true.

    I have a friend that works with me, he's like my right hand man. Hard worker, efficient, reliable when on duty. I pay him $10 cash, but I told him I'm just starting out so when their is more work avail, he'll get more.
  3. specialtylc

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    Not really. The more you pay doesnt equate to better employees. Most of these younger workers just want to show up and expect the employer to give them everything. If you find good workers pay them accordingly. At some point you cant give them raises, soon they will be making more than you are grossing per hour.
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    I am in the same boat, same numbers etc. My wife says make sure it's worth it because you can't take it back. Well, you can but you may as well cut off your nose. Sooo I am looking at it extra close and then I will make my decision and live with it.
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    I am kind of in the same boat this year. I have a worker who feels he deserves a raise. The fact is he does not. He is my brother in law, and a good friend which makes it worse.

    The bottom line is, if this guy makes you money, and you feel he is worth the raise then pay him. But if you honestly dont feel his production merrits it, then dont. It is always best to reward the people who deserve it. Your other employees might be disgruntled if you raise his wage even though you have some issues with him. Next thing you know everyone will have there hand out.
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    You pay him cash, is that what I have been lead to believe? How much does he make a season with you?

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