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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Exscaper, Dec 28, 2018.

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    Hi everyone! What a great site here. Been a lurker for a while, first time posting. A little bit about me... I’ve been in the landscaping/hardscaping business since the early 80’s. I “hung up my boots” in the fall of 2017 (I still maintain a few lawns on the side to keep me engaged). Anyways here’s the reason for my post - poaching (stealing) of employees. How does everyone view this in 2018 almost 2019?

    In my day if a fellow competitor or friend had a certain contract you wouldn’t dare bid against them and vice versa. Also, our labor was always bountiful. I realize those are not the current dealings in today’s business operations. So it raises my question - seeing as skilled labor is in higher demand in today’s workforce are companies actively stealing workers from one another? I was reading an article that mentioned upwards of 38% of Job changes were due to being poached, I was astonished at the number. Are you all experiencing this as well and how do you deal with it?
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    Worker's are free to go where they want. If they demand more pay and someone else offer's better compensation should not they be allowed to do so? That is what makes the labor market.
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    I wasn’t implying that they should not be able to go to another company offering more. I was asking about an owner/manager of one company reaching out to say a foreman or project manager of another company to steal them away from their current role. Sorry if there was any confusion
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    I have been offered three jobs this year

    Yes the pool is shrinking and companies have positions to fill they will take anybody they can get
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    I wont do it on ethical grounds. Besides if an employee comes to you under that circumstance he will do the same to you. Call me old fashioned but I still prefer loyalty and I try my best to keep good men. Turnover can destroy a business.
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    Do employees make good eggs Benedict?
    I’ll take my employees with Favre beans and a nice Chianti!

    The terminology is actually head hunting
    And believe it or not there are many professions that employ professional head hunters.

    They get a percentage (like a bounty) for finding employees, if they’re hired and work our for 90 days they’re paid a percentage of the new hires first year salary.

    The only reason I know this exists is my cousins had that job for years before she went and had a litter of kids.

    I was like head hunter?
    So you eat people??

    It’s a common thing to do (steal employees)
    Basically it’s advertising
    “Hey I pay more, better bennies, nicer equipment... come work here”

    No different than customers
    If I do it better than you, people are going to want to hire me.

    Customers and employees aren’t “possessions”
  7. Patriot Services

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  8. dieselss

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    Why does the years matter?

    So it was ok in 16-17, but not in 18-19?
  9. OP

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    Patriot - I agree with you. Maybe we are just old fashion but I always thought it to be bad business

    Dieselss - the reason for the years was more of a generational approach. It wasn’t common when I was in business.

    It seems that loyalty and respect for one another is becoming a thing of the past. It’s now “what can you do for me?” I guess I feel that it’s a shame that this industry has to be so cut throat (not only on pricing but on employment as well)
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  10. grassmonkey0311

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    Different day and age. In the 80's and 90's employees were very loyal to companies. It wasn't unusual to hear of someone working at a company for 20+ years. Now, it's all about benefits and pay which creates job jumpers.
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