Employee Poaching

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Exscaper, Dec 28, 2018.

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    Anything legal is fair game. Let's not decide what other people should and should not do Worry about yourself
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    I can't really say in the Landscape industry (I had a small solo operation, but absolutely love this website!) , but I can tell you in my full time job, poaching is just a daily occurrence.
    CNC Machinists, Mechanical and Electrical engineers are presented with multiple offers per month. Sitting in my Linkedin email account is 5 head hunters with job enticements. I can't see how it wouldn't occur in this industry. There is no damn loyalty to employers anymore and unfortunately employers in many cases have not been loyal to their employees.
    If you don't think it can happen to you, just get complacent for a minute...
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    Also with Linkedin it is pretty amazing nowadays that you have employees working for their current company, basically advertising that they are available to switch jobs for the right situation.

    I'll hire someone that worked somewhere else, but I am not offering a bonus, since sometimes who you hire comes with a bunch of BS stories of past stories & experience attached.

    I remember reading on here where JC1 had a situation where he is where I think he said companies were approaching other company's employees right on the lawn they were working on, offering to pay them a few dollars more if they come work for them. That is pretty low. I won't go that route.
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    I was going to offer you a job, but your too far away.
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    Ive found the key to getting and keeping good employees starts with the employer.
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    One of my neighbors growing up started a head hunting business . he did pretty good for himself . He bought the Baltimore Ravens
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    The owner of one landscape maintenance company in my town routinely approaches the employees of his competitors. My employees have told me how they laughed at him, they understood his reputation. He has also been known to walk through a local diner handing out cards and offering jobs. I see a lot of fresh faces in his trucks. And a lot of guys dragging their feet while working for him.

    All I can think is that he has a hard time keeping guys.
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    I worked in sales for over 30 years. Most unsolicited offers you receive are with firms you would never work for. Even worse are the head hunters who don't even have a real job.
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