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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by JS Landscaping, Apr 30, 2006.

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    Hey guys. Seems like this year has gotten off to a rough start for me, we are slammed with work, booked until late June with design/build work, besides our 65 properties we maintain a week. Recently I have been having a lot of problems with my guys, particurly two of them. These two are buddies outside of work, and seem to work good together. The problem is the quality has gone down from these two, Im having more and more problems with things being done half assed and not up to my standards. Tonight I received a call from a client who we are doing a design/build project on, and mulching some existing landscape beds. My client is claming that these beds were never de-weeded. As a precuation I am going to be applying a herbicide as well now. What should I do? I keep pushing for quality but when the results arnt comming out the way I want them to be and if my clients arnt satisfied Im not satisfied. Fire them? Find new employees? or give them a kick in the ass and snap them in line? Finding out its harder and harder to find good help....any thoughts or opinions are welcome.
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    Separate them.Also go to the jobs you are putting them on and make it clear to them exactly what you want done and the steps you expect them to take to accomplish the goal.Be ffirm and direct so there is no misunderstandings and ask if they understand what you are telling them.Let them know in no uncertain terms that shoddy work and cutting corners is unacceptible period.
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    Very well said sheshovel!!!!:cool2:
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    Thanks dcon!Your a pal!

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