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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by HBFOXJr, Sep 19, 2002.

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    I really love the idea, but I feel that quality would slip right away. How do you deal with that problem?
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    If there is a problem, they fix it on their own time. I don't get paid to go back and fix problems, so neither will they.

    That brings up a good point, though....

    These guys are getting paid 8 hours a day, whether they really work that long or not (they don't). They love it. They have it good and they know it. They also know that I know it. And I have a list of several guys who are drooling to take their jobs if they screw up.

    When I first started the system, I had the same concerns. I also had to smooth talk the guys into trying the system out. They were hesitant. But now EVERYONE likes it. I pay the foreman $10/"hour" (not really an hour, more like a "unit") that actually has been working out to more like 13 - 15 per "hour" based on actual time worked. The helpers get about $7.50/"hr" (in actuality, more like 9.50 - 11.00).

    So everyones getting paid good, and there are guys interested in moving up if someone begins getting sloppy or cutting corners.

    Dan Norton
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    i understand that making them go back is how you handle it, but is that often? is quality a consistant concern?

    are there probs in the spring, when they are making $7.50 / hr but really making $6.00 / hr? spring hours for us are about 60 to 65 a week, now about 45.

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