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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Qualey, Aug 28, 2005.

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    How do you feel about your employees taking pics of finished work that they were a part of constructing, but was sold by your company? We have had it happen on several occasions that interviewees will bring a portfolio stuffed with pics of "their" work when I know either they didn't do it, or the company that they may have worked for did it.
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    Hardscaping is some damn hard, physical work (incase ya didnt know :D)

    When an employee puts a lot of effort into painstakingly constructing a nice project, they are just as proud of it as you are.

    I hired a foreman that brought pics of work he done under another contractor. Had it not been for the pic, I doubt I would have hired him.

    I had a guy from far out of state call me that was looking to move to our state. Set up an interview. And I told him to "bring pictures" of jobs he's done.

    My hispanics often take pictures of their work and send the pics back to their countries for their families to see what hey been doing. I always take pictures and when I think about it I usually get extra copies made for the employees.

    I have no problems with the guys taking pictures.

    We're established. If they wanna use the pics for employment elsewhere or for side work, it doesnt bother me. If they're unhappy here - they're gonna leave with or without pictures!!!

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