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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassmasterswilson, Oct 9, 2013.

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    Not true with proper training and care. With a full schedule to many delays can be very unprofitable.
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    I would love to see what kind of training would stop our collection systems from clogging in the rain, without slowing down... give our blowers super powers to clean off walks, without slowing down... stop the grass from clumping. Please share with us.

    We do have full schedules and do not work in the rain. Like I mentioned earlier. 4 day schedules. Men make 40 plus hours a week and we have yet to skip a weekly cutting, because of the rain, in years.
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    Our policy is mowing in wet conditions is limited to side discharge only. Mowing stops when turf shows signs of softening. Duties then switch to weeding, pruning, tree work, brush clearing etc. We always have work that can be done when wet. All work is stopped during thunder/lightning storms, down pours etc.
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    "Yer not wet till yer ass crack is wet!"

    I've heard this before... but unless I was doing a retaining wall or something, its not something I go by at all. Most of my work is maintenance.

    I'm solo, and I don't work in the rain. I wouldn't expect anyone else to work in the rain for me, and I don't want my equipment out in the rain.

    There's always something to do at the shop. Cleaning, greasing equipment, truck maintenance, sharpening blades, sharpening saw chains, throwing a fresh coat of paint on ANYTHING. I think it depends on the day. I'm not a great boss nor do I have experience being a great boss, but if I were you I'd keep communication open on this kind of thing when developing a policy. Sometimes bosses see things differently than employees for obvious reasons. See what they think, and do what you see fit accordingly to stay profitable and productive.

    What I'd do:
    Keep a coffee machine and an electric griddle in the shop.
    If it looks like it might clear up in a couple of hours, have a few of the guys doing shop work, have one of them cookin' up some breakfast sandwiches and coffee, and I'm sure you have some paperwork or something to do. If it clears up, get out there. If it doesn't, your guys will be happy, and you had a semi productive morning, no unnecessary drive time. If you're expecting it to rain all day, get in touch with them early in the morning and let them know they got the day off, make it up on Saturday if possible. Do what you can to make everyday a good day. Just my $.02. This might be why I run solo..

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