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Discussion in 'NALP' started by TheNALP, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. TheNALP

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    1. Why is this profession such a great career?
    2. What do you look for in a new hire?
  2. Dr.NewEarth

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    1.You can keep fit while working in the outdoors at this job.
    2.I look for energetic people with past sports team experience. Sobriety is important, as a heavy drinker may not be productive until lunch time. A clean driving record. And a good attitude. Friendly to customers and co-workers. Must be able to follow directions and do a fantastic job.
  3. marcusmac99

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    1.) You are outdoors. Which is not always a great thing here in FLA in June, July and August. You can pick up skills without going through school, like irrigation, plant selection and insect issues.

    2.) I never hired anyone with facial tattoos. They had to have a clean record. It is very hard to find people with decent driving records in my area, too many DUI's. But, have a good driving record was important. Finally, being able to learn how to do the job correctly and be able to communicate with me was very important.

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