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    Ontario now requires that anyone applying chemicals to a customer's lawn must now pass a test given by a licensed exterminator/operator. I hold an operators license and exterminators license and I've always been the one doing the applications. Do you guys do all the apps yourself, or do you have employees do them as well. I'm referring to pesticide and herbicide apps. What qualifications do your states require of your employees? Do they also need to be licensed? Or do they merely need to be supervised periodically by you or another licensed applicator? Here we are supposed to administer a test to our employees they must pass in order to prove they are qualified to apply chemicals.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>
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    Dave, in Indiana the State Chemist licenses applicators and businesses. Chemists office administers all testing, but training for tests is done by state lawn care assn. and Purdue training office.<p>To get a business license, you have to have at least one fully licensed applicator on staff.<p>In all categories of applicator licensing, one must first pass a core test, a test on pesticide use in general. Then you test for specific categories: aerial, ag, structure, water, etc. In our field, you would usually get licensing in ornamentals-Cat3a and turf-Cat3b. Turf licensing, as well as termite licensing, has an extra step in that the candidate first must pass a test to become a registered technician (RT). RT licensing must be obtained thru a licensed business. The business is then responsible for training the RT so he can pass the full applicators test.<p>A licensed applicator (LA) can apply any chemicals, general or restricted, on his own directions. An RT can apply only general use pesticides on the written directions of an LA, and he must be able to have voice contact with the LA. An unlicensed individual can apply general use pesticides under the direct supervision of an LA.<br> <br><p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana
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    Jim,<p>I can tell you know of what you speak. I was only kind of paraphrasing what our provincial government requires - you seem to know your rules & regs off by heart. <p>The Operator Class 06 license which I hold required me to pass a written, closed-book, multiple choice exam given by the Ministry of the Environment. A grade above 75% was required in order to pass.<br> The Land Exterminator's Licenses Class 01 & 03 required me to pass a written, open book examination given by the M.O.E. and again required a mark of 75% or greater. <br>The Operator's test consisted of a Core Section (the label), the Pesticides Act and Regulation, Safety & Calculations, and sections specific to Land, Structural, and Water Licenses.<br>The Land Exterminator's test consisted of a core section similar in questioning to the Operator's core section and then a section of questions dealing specifically with Class 1 (Herbicide applications on non-agricultural land) and Class 3 (Pesticide applications on non-agricultural land). <p>I took and passed my exams in February of 1998 so I'm new to the game. I look forward to learning from those who (like you I assume) have been at it for longer than I. I've co-owned and operated my business since 1991 though so I'm not a newbie where cuttin' and trimmin' and plowin' and saltin' is concerned. <p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>
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    they need to pass the core test at min. Thats weird they have you make the tests up. Make sure they know the safety first! msds, spill, label, labeling, contact info, chronic and acute toxity and all of that. Have them work with you for a couple of months and lead by example......

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