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    We start at 8 am end around 5 pm, They get paid from 8-5 with a half hour taken off for lunch.
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    What is annoying is having a boss with that kind of attitude about the people working for him in what many consider hard labor in less than comfortable conditions and, hopefully, allowing him to enjoy a profitable business.

    So.... the Fair Labor Standards Act has only been in effect since 1938, let me give you the news....

    • An employee drives, walks, rides a bike -rush hour or not- to your shop = their dime
    • As soon as an employee clocks in at your shop, any subsequent travel = your dime
    • And as long as said employee has not clocked out at the original starting location = your dime.

    All this, btw, documented on time cards or other contemporaneous (that means not after the fact but real life, as it happens) record keeping system where the employee can verify the hours recorded. For example, automatic lunch or other break deductions are against the law without employee verification.

    I'm not going to indict a whole industry since I know many reputable operators, but those out there nickle and diming employees out of their rightful earnings is much too common in lawncare. It needs to change.

    This from a guy that almost never agrees with either Ric or Grandview on just about anything... but they're both right. If this is where your concerns are as an employer trying to run a profitable business, you are in the wrong one.

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    We start @ 7:00 AM, 15 minute break in the morning, 30 minute lunch and 15 minute break in the afternoon and work till we are finished; usually between 2 & 3.. Then they go home. Sometimes they'll go home early (like off season) sometimes they go home a little later. Any hours over 40, they get 1.5X
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    Depends on the work day but usually 8-6, we run 4 10 hr days. Any over time is obviously time and half. Figured everyone did it that way - it's the law. You have to start paying your employees at the time they arrive to the place you instructed them to. Period. Listen folks, a lot of us would have a terrible time if it weren't for our employees. Maybe some employees suck, but you NEED, NEED, NEED to find the right guys and then pay them very well. Relieves so much headache. This "boss" vs employee attitude only creates poisonous tension. They can tell when their boss is trying to take advantage from them. Apply the golden rule and you should be fine. Be kind. If they are lazy, let them go. But if they work hard for you, reward them and keep them happy. Buy their lunch once in awhile - is a few pizzas gonna break you? Make it a place where good people WANT to come work. If word gets around that the boss is always trying to cut pay back, people will shy away when you need to hire more help. Okay, sorry, stepping off soap box now. =D Everyone can run their business how they want, this just seems the easiest to me. Employees can be you best asset or worst enemy.
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    we usually work 8-4 mon-fri....we pay hourly from the time they leave the shop until they return....we pay thru all breaks.....but my guys work hard...any slackers are quickly let go....bonus is there as well for reaching certain goals.....as far as i know my guys like to come in every day...lol....if someone need time off it usually isnt a problem however its off the clock...after 25 yrs. i know EXACTLY how long thing take to do...you just need to hire the right guys....
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    I don't own a business but I am the only LCO where I work. I get paid from start time until I'm out except an hour docked for lunch, whether I take it or not. I don't get paid for calls I get at home or that I make from home which sucks. I do have a statement for those that don't pay for drive time. If they are in your company truck and get into an accident you are liable so if you are liable they should be on the clock. Bet it's hard to find quality workers with business ethics like that.
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    It's good to read all of the replies. I happen to pay from the time we leave my shop until the time we return. It's only fair. And if we're really working hard that day, I'll keep the clock running through lunch. However, one of my fellow LCO's argued with me last week that he only pays his guys for the time that they are actually on the property because that's the only time they actually work. I'm glad to see the majority are like me and not only see the legal aspect of this, but the fair and moral aspect as well. It's definitely not worth losing a good employee over trying to save 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there......

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