Employee tattoos

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grenskpr, May 22, 2013.

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  1. 20/20

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    Wellllllll isn't that just peachy for you :clapping: :laugh: Some of us don't have the luxury of hair anymore, doesn't mean we're all "cage fighters" :drinkup: Maybe we were just born to be ugly :laugh: :laugh:
  2. kbrashears

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    I personally could care less.


    It's not my opinion that I'm worried about. It's my clientele. If you had two job applicants in front of me with equal credentials, one is tattooed and one isn't, I think you know who is getting the job.
  3. Ric

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    Let be clear about the type of Tattoo & Piercing I am against. Maybe telling what I don't care about would be easier. Earrings & Belly Button Piercing for Gold Jewelry and the Tramp Stamp on the small of the back are acceptable if their not on a wale. Wales need to stay covered up. A Tattoo on the upper arm of a man that can be covered by a Tee Shirt sleeve aren't too bad. Maybe the Fact I once worked in a Prison and 98% of the Inmates had Tattoos really turned my stomach.

  4. Michael J. Donovan

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    ok, I think we can put this one to bed before it gets too off track and personal

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